Tech Help

I am making walk-through / help videos as folks ask me to make them.  Please email me and request a video!


Photos and Videos

Almost everything is fixed by:


  1. Closing all of your tabs
  2. Shutting your computer off
  3. Closing the screen
  4. Wait for 10 seconds
  5. Open the screen and don't touch anything
  6. Log back in 

Common Questions:

  • HELP! My screen is rotated...
    • Control + Shift + Refresh (pigtail, circle arrow above the 4 and 5 keys)
  • My keyboard is acting weird or typing the wrong letter
    • Click on the clock  at the bottom right.  Look for the keyboard "circle"  It should say "US", if not click on it and change it to "US".
  • I see an orange box around the things I click on and my computer is talking!
    • Click on the clock at the bottom right, click on the "Accessibility" circle, turn off everything.