Wolcott Elementary School has made a concerted effort to ensure student and staff have the technology they need to educationally grow. 


  • All Students and Staff have their own device for use in-school.
  • Kindergarten and the 1st Grade use iPads.
  • 2nd Grade through 6th Grade use Chromebooks.
  • We use the Google Apps for Education platform.
  • All classrooms are equipped with document cameras & projectors or televisions.
  • Freckle by Renaissance is utilized to provide consistent data-driven practice in math tailored to a student's present level of performance.
  • All students receive different levels of typing training from kindergarten through sixth grade with a special focus during fourth grade.
  • We have a special emphasis on smart and thoughtful use of technological tools.
  • Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy are special areas of learning and are taught both directly and as a part of the larger school curriculum.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is not only an internet browser but is also the operating system that runs a Chrome Book. Your student has a Google account which, when used appropriately, allows them to access all of their digital school materials regardless of which device they are using.

Using the Chrome Browser is critical for this (and may need to be installed on what ever device they are using).  When a student enters Chrome, they can log into their account by clicking on the "person" icon at the top right and then using their school credentials to log in.  If someone has already logged in to Chrome, your student can be added as an additional user.  Please be sure to have them "link their data" so they get access to their bookmarks and tools.

Please note that their school accounts are managed and monitored.  This means that there are some things they can not do using this account.  This usually is most obvious when it comes to entertainment (videos and video games).  The management and monitoring should not be considered a substitute for active home monitoring of their device use.

If you have any questions, please email jgreenia@ossu.org.

Links to Technology Tools used @ WES

Typing.com is used in Grades 3 though 6.  Students are encouraged to make their way through the lessons focusing on accuracy rather than speed.  Students should redo lessons where they have not gotten all three stars.
The G Suite is the full set of Google Tools including Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Gmail and Sites.  Students should ensure that they are logged into their OSSU account to gain full access to the suite.
Freckle is adaptive practice of facts largely used for math and ELA facts.  There are teacher assigned tasks in Freckle as well that can broaden out student learning .  Students need their teacher's class code.
Scratch is a programming tool created by MIT. Students need to remember to be sure that they are logged in (and can see their username in the top right and to save their work when they are done.) 
The logo for TinkerCAD
TinkerCad is a 3D rendering tool for creating 3D objects. Students need to remember to log in to the page that has their class name on it (the link can be found in their email) They will also need their username.
Epic Books Logo and link
Epic! Books for kids is a K-5 collection of online books, audio books and even videos.  The school's service may only be used on campus during school hours.  Visit the website for more information on home use. Student using the school account will require a class code. Can be used through an app too.
Raz Kids Logo and link
Raz-Kids provides fact practice for students to use in Math and Reading. Please speak to your teacher for more information about using Raz-Kids as a class code is necessary.  Can be used through an app too.