Register for School

Kindergarten and New Student Registration

To obtain the New Student Registration packet, contact the main office of the school.   After completing the packet, please return it to the main office.  Please be sure to submit the necessary paperwork at the time of registration, including:

  • Completed Registration Packet
  • Immunization records
  • Most recent physical
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • At least three forms of identification (for residency verification purposes)
  • Additional forms as required by each school.

After completing and submitting forms, you will be contacted by phone or letter notifying you of your child’s registration and any opportunities to have an orientation of the classroom and school environment.

Residency Verification

Wolcott Elementary School requires that parents/guardians complete a residency verification form to help ensure enrolled students reside within town boundaries. Forms, including definitions and instructions, are available at the main office. 

Additional Programs

Act 166 of 2014 provides for universal access to publicly funded pre-kindergarten education. Click Here for information/form relating to Act 166: Universal Pre-Kindergarten.

Tuition School Districts
Under state law, all school districts shall maintain one or more approved high schools in which high school education is provided or provide for the high school education of its students by paying tuition to a public high school, an approved independent high school, or an independent school meeting education quality standards, to be selected by the parents or guardians of the student, within or outside the State. 

The voters of Wolcott Town School District have authorized their districts to provide tuition for resident students in grades 7 - 12. Families seeking enrollment in other school districts must enroll in that school and submit a completed tuition voucher form to their local town school or OSSU's Central office with all of the appropriate documents prior to the first day of attendance. Forms are available on this page and at the town school. 

Public High School Choice (Act 129)
Public High School Choice, Act 129 of 2012,  allows students to apply to attend any other high school in the state. Schools are allowed to limit the number of students who may transfer from a school, with a cap of 10 percent of resident students or 40, whichever is smaller; schools may set higher limits.

Schools are also required to determine annually their capacity to receive students, using a variety of criteria, although there is no numerical or percentage formula. If more students want to transfer out of − or enroll into − a school than there are places available, nondiscriminatory lotteries are used. The law provides no funding for transportation and, unless schools agree otherwise, no tuition or other charges changes hands.

Public High School Choice is different from towns paying tuition for their students when they do not have schools at specific grade levels and if they are not part of supervisory unions.‚Äč

Public High School Choice Guidelines

  • A student must be registered with their resident district high school before applying for choice
  • A student’s Resident District High School is their more recent school or, if a middle school student, the high school they would normally enroll is considered the most recent school
  • Choice applications are filed with the resident district high school
  • A student must be in “Good Standing” for choice consideration
  • Changes in residence address or contact information must be communicated to both the Resident District High School and the Receiving Choice School


  • Student registers for school with the resident high school district Guidance Office.
  • Student obtains school choice application.   Reapplication is not necessary for students who are currently exercising choice, as long as the student maintains “student in good standing” status.
  • Application is completed and returned by the end of February by student to resident district high school Guidance Office.
  • Student is contacted regarding the decision in writing one month after application is submitted.
  • If approved, student must notify both the resident district high school and the receiving school to accept/decline choice in writing no more than two weeks after the student is notified by the school of choice decision (refer to deadlines below).
  • If choice is accepted, student must enroll for classes at receiving school.


  • March 1: student applies for choice (beginning of “rolling admissions”)
  • One month after application is turned in: school notifies student/parents of choice decision
  • Two weeks after school notifies: student notifies resident district high school and receiving choice school (in writing) to accept/decline choice and sets an appointment with the receiving school for class registration