Guardians of the Garden!

The Guardians of the Garden is the name of our school garden experience.  Students are now in their 3rd year of maintaining a garden space that includes garlic, herbs, seasonal vegetables, fruit trees, a cloche for cold weather leafy greens and more.  The students have mixed in compost and hard work to make their garden grow.

Thanks to Reeve Basom from the Center for an Agricultural Economy and Rebecca Ventrice for all of their dedication to make this dream bloom.

Fall Garden Day 2018 success!

The school's garden day went well and just made it before the real cold weather started...if only our gardens had 130 kids working on it ehh?

Every class went out and participated in several areas of work including:

  • Planting and mulching garlic
  • Planting flower bulbs
  • Reconstructing low tunnel 
  • Planting late season greens
  • Cover crop planting
  • Kids being awesome!

Girls with garden tools on a cold day.The cloche is almost ready for cold weather.Shovel and a dressKINDY POWER moving mulch.Big wheelbarrow, little kid.