Faculty and Staff

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Phone extensions can also be used to leave a message for the person you want to contact.  Just call the school at (802) 472-6551 and enter the extension. 

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Name Title Phone Extension & Voicemail
Matt Foster, Principal
Matthew Y Foster Principal 2858
Dawn Cochran, Administrative Assistant
Dawn Cochran Administrative Assistant 2857
Tracy Boyd, Behavioral Specialist
Tracy Boyd Behavioral Specialist 2864
Kate Gascoyne, School Based Clinician & Behavior Specialist
Kate Gascoyne School Based Clinician & Behavior Specialist 2866


Picture Name Title Phone Extension & Voicemail
Christine Elmendorf, Kindergarten
Christine Elmendorf Kindergarten 2850
Katie Yoskowitz, First Grade
Katie Yoskowitz First Grade 2852
Leslie Stancliff, Second Grade
Leslie Carpenter Second Grade 2851
Maureen Hill, Third Grade
Maureen Hill Third Grade 2853
Trista Hutchins, Fourth Grade
Trista Hutchins Fourth Grade 2861
Jolene Lane, Sixth Grade
Jolene Lane Fifth Grade 2862
Sonya Shedd, Special Education Provider
Sonya Shedd Sixth Grade 2863
Jon Greenia, Educational Media Specialist
Jon Greenia Educational Media Specialist 2855
Lindzey Beal, Physical Education
Lindzey Beal Physical Education 5377
Jayne Donahue, Visual Arts
Jayne Donahue Art 2854
A Photo of Music Teacher, Kim Beckley
Kim Beckley Music 5223
Caroline Williams, Interventionist
Caroline Williams Interventionist 5243
Danya Nelson, Sixth Grade
Danya Nelson Interventionist  

Student Services

Picture Name Title Phone Extension & Voicemail
Patricia Cosgrove, Special Education Services
Pat Cosgrove Special Educator 5221
A Photo of Special Services Teacher, Meg Jolly
Meg Jolly Special Education Provider 2869
  Becky Butler Occupational Therapist 5236
  Penny Hester Ingram Speech Language Pathologist (802) 888-8109
  Ruth Roy Physical Therapist 5235
  Maggie Foster Occupational Therapy Aide 2858
  Lisa Stoudt Diagnostician 2915

Support Staff

Picture Name Title Phone Extension & Voicemail
Sally Gardener, Community Librarian
Sally Gardner Community Librarian (Town of Wolcott) 2860
Cynthia Doerr, School Nurse
Cynthia Doerr School Nurse 2856
Phil Cardinal, Head Custodian
Phil Cardinal Head Custodian 2867
A picture of Assistant Custodian DSmall
Devin Small Night Custodian n/a
Betty Lou Strek, School Cook
Betty Lou Strek Head Cook 2868
A picture of Assistant cook KBurbank
Kaya Burbank Assistant Cook n/a
Kelly Bradford, Para Professional
Kelly Bradford Para Professional n/a
Wendy Cross, Para Professional
Wendy Cross Para Professional n/a
Linda Greene, Para Professional
Linda Green Para Professional n/a
Alicia Coburn, Para Professional
Alicia Coburn Para Professional n/a
Kelly Putvain, Para Professional
Kelly Putvain Para Professional n/a
Jennifer Ward, Para Professional
Jennifer Ward Para Professional n/a
Laura Kittel, Para Professional
Laura Kittell Para Professional n/a